Monday, January 16, 2012

Some tips for designing a business cards

Dimensions for a classic business card design are 90mm x 52mm.
It is best to print it on some digital printer. Its not expensive and print quality is the best.
If you plan to print on the A4 paper format, you can get 12 cards.
On the A3 paper format it would be 24.

There is a lot of software made to help you with the design process. On business card software you can find review and a list of all software.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Also you can find my works on Behance.

Business cards

These are some modern and some classic business cards. If someone is willing to know there is blog on which you can find out how to design or what business card size you should get/make.
Also, if you want to do your own design and make your business card, visit business card software site, where you'll find all software that you need.

About me

My name is Srđan Đorđević, and i am graphic designer. I am designing: logo, brochures, business cards, web pages, and all other graphic solutions.. Go through my web site and find more informations about my works and me..